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About Angie.

We take honor in what we offer in our partnership to you.
All of our practitioners at Beyond the Veil are professionally insured and certified. 

Angie Miller, RYT


Angie Miller is a certified Yoga Instructor. I first discovered yoga in 2006 when I became pregnant with my first son, Max. Yoga had always intrigued me but I found it a bit intimidating. I wanted a gentle physical practice to keep me nimble during my pregnancy. I found Sara Ivanhoe’s Yoga for Dummies.  Sara made yoga accessible & unintimidating and I was hooked. After many years of solitary practice at home I mustered up the courage to take my yoga practice to the gym and eventually into yoga studios. I adored the communal nature of practicing in the company of fellow yogis. In 2017, I took the plunge and became a Registered Yoga Teacher.


I now teach at 3 yoga studios specializing in what yoga has done for me:

  • Yoga has helped me grow stronger, more flexible & fearless, both on & off the mat. 

  • Yoga inspires me to live my life mindfully & graciously. I love the relationship yoga creates between the mind & the body through movement, stillness, breath & steadiness. 

  • Yoga keeps me grounded, self-aware and at peace with the myself and the world around me.


In sharing my passion for yoga I want to make yoga accessible to ALL BODIES. In my classes props & modification are essential in making yoga accessible to everyone: big or small, young or old, beginner or advanced. Yoga is for EVERY BODY.

I invite you to come and move consciously with me in a nourishing yoga practice which will leave you feeling empowered, uplifted, full of was peace & calm. Let’s practice self-care for your body, mind & soul.

Education & Professional Associations:

Heart + Bones (Yoga with Brains, Love & Body Smart Movement)- 300 hour RYT Modern Yoga certification (TBD)

Blue Anjou Yoga Studio- 200 RYT certification

Ashe Yoga- Restorative Yoga

Dianne Bondy- Yoga for All Bodies

Jivana Heyman- Accessible Yoga

Kristine Weber- Subtle Yoga

Yoga Alliance Member


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