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BioTuning Fork Therapy

Discover the harmonizing magic of tuning forks as they sweep through the dimensions of your being – mind, body, and soul. Beyond the Veil offers a two transformative techniques – DNA/Organ Restructuring, Solfeggio Biofield Tuning – each designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your electromagnetic field. 


Choose Vibrational Harmony for Your Journey: Beyond the Veil invites you to embrace the power of sound and vibration. With our array of tuning fork techniques, you can cleanse your energy field, rejuvenate your being, and rediscover the symphony of balance within you. Step into the world of tuning fork therapy and experience the transformative resonance that awakens your mind, body, and soul to the rhythms of well-being.

DNA/RNA & Organ Tuning: A Symphony of Health

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Luc Montagnier revealed that DNA's vibrations can transcend space and time, influencing health on a profound level. Every cell, tissue, and liquid within your body resonates at its own vibratory frequency, creating a symphony of health. When dissonance arises, illness follows. Enter DNA/RNA & Organ Tuning with its vibrational magic, using tuning forks calibrated to the replication frequency of our DNA (256 cycles). Inspired by Montagnier's findings, this technique resonates with your body's natural frequencies, restoring harmony and promoting well-being.

Solfeggio Tuning: An Ancient Chorus of Healing

Reverberate with the ancient melodies of Solfeggio frequencies, a gift from Benedictine Monk Guido d’Arezzo, reintroduced to humanity by Gregorian monks. As our Solfeggio tuning forks weave their enchanting sound, they create a vortex that stills time, guiding you to a point of equilibrium. These frequencies work to balance your chakras, unlocking healing potential. Scientific research attests to their benefits, from stress reduction to reduced blood pressure and pain relief.

Sound Therapy Practitioner


Erica Cox Leone PhD(c), RMT, CCTP

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