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Julie Dirks


Hello! I'm Julie, BTV's Holistic Health & Nutrition Practitioner here at BTV.

I'm passionate about helping everyone, no matter their health struggles, discover a path to improvement by understanding the root causes of their health issues. Grounded in the principles of integrative health, functional medicine, bioregulatory, and traditional naturopathy, my goal is to share the real essence of health with people around the world and show them how to make it a natural part of their daily lives. I am sincerely grateful for their presence and motivated by the opportunity to accompany them on their path to health and well-being. 

I guide clients toward:

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plans: Integrating dietary guidance tailored to individual needs and exercise routines that align with holistic health principles.

Comprehensive Health Assessments: Employing integrative testing methods, such as assessments for food sensitivities, digestive health, and essential nutrient levels, to inform holistic wellness plans.

Gut Health: Providing personalized protocols for gut healing, integrating dietary guidance tailored to individual needs and addressing gut-related issues to promote digestive wellness.

Hormone Balance: Offering customized approaches to hormone balancing, incorporating holistic health principles and targeted interventions to support hormonal equilibrium and overall well-being.

Weight Loss: Implementing personalized strategies for weight management, including tailored dietary plans, exercise routines, and integrative techniques to support healthy and sustainable weight loss goals.

Guided Support through Lab Results: Offering a comprehensive analysis of lab results within the context of integrative medicine to guide and personalize the wellness journey.

My Story

I have always been drawn to caring for others. In my personal life, I began this journey with a family of my own. I met my husband in 2003, and we were married in 2005. We welcomed our children in 2007 and 2011 and soon found ourselves taking an unexpected path with our youngest, our beautiful son, who was born with special needs. All children are gifts, but through my son I have learned more
about patience, change, and healing than I ever thought possible.


As a food science teacher of 20 years, my journey into education took an unexpected detour, yet it has been profoundly fulfilling. My passion for caring and nurturing others, cultivated through raising my own family, fuels my commitment to holistic health. Through my experiences, especially when teaching high school students how to tailor their health needs, I've gained invaluable insights into patience, adaptability, and the transformative power of healing. These personal lessons deeply inspire my approach to holistic health, as I recognize the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In teaching food science, I aim not only to impart knowledge about nutrition and culinary skills but also to instill in my students a holistic understanding of how food impacts every aspect of health. By embracing this holistic perspective, I empower my students to make informed choices that support their overall well-being, fostering a lifelong commitment to health and vitality. I bring this exact same passion into my sessions with my clients, allowing the to embrace how they are different, and how we can partner to be healthy again.


Though I have always loved working with my students and helping them grow, I found myself wanting to find a way to help others find the peace I found through alternative healing. On top of this, I was struggling with depression and feeling overwhelmed by outside circumstances that upset the natural harmony of my life. I felt out of control and out of touch and began to pull away from the people around me. After countless sleepless nights and anxious days, I was fortunate to have a husband who pushed me to search for help, for a treatment, for anything that could bring me back to a complete presence in my own life.

I began searching, and that is how I found my way to Beyond the Veil. I started slowly with therapy and Reiki and soon moved on to look at all the ways I could pursue healing beyond traditional Western medicine through individuals such as Dr. Cabral. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was my path to Integrative Health Medicine. I learned the value of looking at the whole person and the whole experience that comes with illness and ailments, and now I strive to help others do the same. From my own son, I saw the value of seeking a balance in life, establishing boundaries, and trusting when something does not feel right, but it wasn’t until I began learning about integrative health that I realized these lessons were about more than just childcare or behavior; they are a way of healing and a way of life.


When someone first comes to me, I don’t know if they will be there for a one-time visit or if they, too, are taking the first step on a much longer path. Whichever journey it is, I am here to partner with them for them to become their best versions of themselves, and that I am grateful they are with me and inspired to find another person on a journey of health. 

Education & Professional Associations

Texas Tech- Education B.A.

Integrative Health Institute (Dr. Cabral)- Integrative Health Practitioner II Weight Loss Specialist 

Beyond the Veil- Intuitive Reiki, 2nd Degree

Alternative Balance #AL178480

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