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Yoga for everyone, at any level.

Private Yoga Sessions

60 mins) I In Person or Virtual

What to expect at BTV Yoga

  • unique, customized yoga tailored to your body, your needs & your goals

  • a personalized practice to address your goals short & or long term

  • a chance for you to connect with yourself body & mind

  • an opportunity to refine the intention behind “your” personal yoga practice: to nurse an injury, build strength or mobility, reduce stress, create a deeper mind body connection, meditate, breathe or be still 

  • practice the yoga style of your choosing or a combination of styles: Hatha, Dynamic Stretching, Functional Mobility, Yin, Slow Flow, Gentle, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, or Chair Yoga

  • a practice & environment in which you feel comfortable, confident & peaceful in your body

  • feeling nurtured, seen, heard & cared for

  • hands on adjustments if desired

  • takeaway homework for in between sessions

  • standard sessions are 60 minutes

  • 75 minutes sessions are available with extended savasana

Why Choose Private Yoga?

  • you’re new to yoga and want to see if yoga is right for you without having to do attend a group class

  • you want to refine your form 

  • your schedule conflicts with the class times offered

  • you learn better one-on-one

  • you have an injury and would benefit from modifications

  • you’d like for your yoga practice to advance more quickly

  • you want to learn how to move in a functional way to help with your everyday aches & pains

  • you’d like to learn the basics of yoga and establish a foundation before taking a group class

  • you are planning a date night and are looking for something fun to do with your partner

  • you & your bestie want a new adventure together​

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