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Wendy Griffin

Hi! I'm Wendy Griffin, the astrologer at Beyond the Veil.

I am an intuitive, healer and astrologist. I love helping people see how the stars influence their past, their potential and how Source has their back no matter what is laid out. I specialize in helping others find their path, their "blueprint," in life through astrological natal charts.

My Story

Before my awakening, I spent 10 years as an elementary school teacher using my Kinesiology degree.   I was also busy being a mother of 3 lovely children. My husband of 18 years (Bear), who has also been one of my mentors, was always very connected to his spirituality and the metaphysical realms.  He was raised Cherokee and spent years educating himself on many different cultures/spiritual practices/ religions, etc., so his journey really began at the age of 7, when he visited the kivas in New Mexico and had some out of body experiences.

During this chapter of life, I personally did not put much focus or intention into my spirituality. While I have always had a love for the stars and all things occult, I didn’t give them much time or attention until the tail end of my Saturn return in 2016.  That is when I discovered the magic of crystals and that opened up the doors for the numerous metaphysical rabbit holes to come (crystal healing, herbalism, shamanic healing, tarot, runes, astrology, and more!).  I spent a great deal of time over the next 7 years practicing mediation, sungazing, unlocking psychic abilities, connecting to crystals, aura gazing, traveling the southwest and foraging for flora/crystals/fossils, connecting to the earth and ultimately consuming massive amounts on information about all things magical and metaphysical.  I was HOOKED

In 2017, we went through some extremely rapid transformations (on the heels of my massive spiritual awakening). I realized I couldn't live the life I was living anymore. We jumped fully in, trusting Source. Within a period of about 6 weeks, we had both quit our day jobs, started homeschooling our kids, and began running our home-based metaphysical supply business (Artio Artisanals) full time, thriving and completely successful. This was my jumping off point into the great abyss of Happiness.

My everyday magic is being mindful and intentional about everything I do or think (at least that’s my goal).  I do not think astrology causes things to happen in our lives, but rather it influences how we experience those things.  This is why I love astrology, because it gives me internal and external insights and it empowers me to live intentionally and to be mindful of what’s to come.   

Education & Professional Associations

University of Texas at Arlington - Kinesiology BA

Rick Levine- Astrology Foundations, Level 2 Practitioner

Rick Levine- Chart Reading, Level 2 Practitioner

Universal Life Church- Ordained Minister

Organization of Professional Astrology 

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