About Erica.

We take honor in what we offer in our partnership to you. All of our practitioners at Beyond the Veil are professionally insured and certified. Our Reiki master training was mentored under the Dr. Mikao Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage (Japan).

Erica Cox Leone ABD, RMT

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Erica Cox Leone, also known as "Dr. Erica," is the founder of Beyond the Veil. She is a medical Reiki therapist, medical sociologist, Reiki Master Teacher, clinical shaman, speaker and author.  She receives clients with a huge range of races, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds with all types of healing needs from a general cleansing to trauma to phobias. Erica specializes in medical/mental health issues, trauma issues (verbal, sexual, physical), and awakening transitions.

Erica has been intuitively connected since childhood. Erica now finds that her experience with her doctorate and energy medicine practice combine to form a wonderful experience for her clients. She loves empowering patients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of healing their mind, body and spirit. She enjoys being able to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine while providing a safe atmosphere in which to heal.  

Alongside her professional practice, Erica is a mom, statistician, and adjunct professor. Accumulatively, she has 18 years of professional experience in mentoring others. She is a published author with academic experience in medical sociology, health and illness, social psychology, social inequality, metaphysics/religion, quantum physics, and posthumanism. 

Education & Professional Associations:

Texas Woman's University - Medical Sociology M.A., PhD(ABD)

Stillpoint Reiki- Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher Certification

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS)

Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA)

Energy Medicine Professional Association #AM6196