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Erica Cox Leone

Hi! I'm Erica Cox Leone, also known as "Dr. Erica," the founder of Beyond the Veil.

I am a medical sociologist, spiritual counselor, Reiki Master Teacher, clinical trauma professional, clinical shaman, sound healer, speaker and author.  One of the biggest joys of my work is that I receive clients with a huge range of races, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds, with all types of healing needs from a general cleansing to trauma to phobias.

I specialize in medical/mental health, trauma (any verbal, sexual, physical situations), and awakening transitions. 

I guide clients toward:

  • Intuitive Insights: My strongest experienceDrawing on intuitive abilities, we help you gain clarity, offering insights that resonate with your spiritual journey. Our intuitive guidance acts as a mirror, reflecting back to you the deeper currents at play in your life. These insights shed light on patterns, perspectives, and possibilities that might have been hidden from your conscious awareness.

  • Holistic Wellness Transformation: I guide individuals on transformative journeys toward holistic well-being. By integrating the mind, body, and spirit, I help clients achieve a sense of wholeness and balance in their lives. My approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection, allowing us to support clients in setting personalized wellness goals, cultivating healthy habits, managing stress, and fostering self-love.

  • Abundance Mindset: I partner in empowering clients to cultivate an abundant mindset that transcends financial wealth. I guide individuals to transform their relationship with abundance and wealth, tapping into their inner resources to manifest both financial and personal success. My guidance enables clients to shift limiting beliefs, set aligned goals, and take practical steps towards a life filled with prosperity and fulfillment.

  • Authentic Connection (Self/Others): I help soulsync relationships,  fostering soulful and authentic connections. I specialize in guiding individuals and couples towards relationships that align with their true selves. By prioritizing trust, communication, and authenticity, I empower clients to create and nurture meaningful bonds. My approach draws from personal experiences, empowering clients to embrace vulnerability, set boundaries, and build relationships that resonate with their souls.

My Story

When I reflect, situations were placed in my life to explore and heal to help those who I now help on a daily basis. I have been intuitively connected since childhood. Not truly knowing what gifts were given to me in the life, I struggled throughout my childhood with self worth, belonging, emotional neglect and navigating HSP/Empathic frameworks. I knew that I love helping those in need (who were always attracted to me) and stood up for those that were marginalized in my school (and now at local/international levels). When I was a teenager I went through my first awakening. It was scary and very isolating, being that our culture doesn't readily accept those with alternative healing gifts. As most of us have, I learned a lot about myself and what not to do during those years. I also learned I had to hide a major part of who I was, and what I went through during that time. I made walls and hid. One of the greatest gifts now is helping clients of all ages embrace vulnerability, find who they are and to embrace themselves, especially through awakenings.

Not taking care of myself and not having a good framework, in my 20's I quickly found myself in a narcissistic abuse marriage, although I had a thriving career in finance market in managing, quality assurance, and training, as well as the non-profit sector. I loved being the chair of outreach to assist those in need, and allow other employees to embrace that as well. In 2007, my company sent me to Chile to assist in setting up a South American Bureau for a extended time, and I thrived there.  I realized during my time living there that I was lost, and much of our nation was lost. When I returned to the US, fully empowered, I divorced my then husband and pulled myself into building back who I needed to be. I worked on "Who was Erica? Where did she go? What did I want to be?" It all came very quickly- little did I know that it was manifestation! As I built my life, I was the go-to friend that always answered the problems, whatever they were. I soon got the nickname “Dr. Erica” long before I even considered college. Isn’t it funny how life can be foreshadowing? My first marriage taught me what I was truly worth, boundaries, self love, where to find it, and how to never go there again. I reflect this in my work with my clients on a daily basis.

I met my soulmate in 2010, and my life was forever changed. I felt way more established in my foundation of who I was, and he added to my life in indescribable ways. Cam was and is my constant cheerleader. I had a very difficult pregnancy pre-during-post, and I decided I need to stay home with my son, Dean. My husband encouraged me to go to school. I went for nursing, as I was inspired by the nurses from my mother's fight with cancer (which she won- she's where I get my fighting from!). While attending Intro to Sociology, I knew then that this was my career path. So I switched, and continued on all the way to my doctorate. I focused my doctorate on Medical Sociology and Social Psychology. My entire education in used in every single facet of my life and fosters my clients into a higher self. My thesis was about happiness and its relationship with socioeconomic status as we age, while my dissertation is about the concept of liminal space, mental health, and how it's portrayed in film to society. During my degree I encountered harassment, discrimination and verbal abuse. The time of my thesis was one of the hardest times I’ve had to endure. I felt entangled in power dynamics that left me powerless. During my dissertation, professors on my committee that I looked up to intentionally threw me under the bus because I pushed against the fabric of the unknown. These experiences are interwoven into how I empower my clients to stand up for themselves, to be innovative, to follow your intuition, and to feel worth it. I taught classes for a few years because I love inspiring and awakening young minds. I am now a published author and speaker on topics that include: medical sociology, health and illness, social psychology, social inequality, metaphysics/religion, quantum physics, and posthumanism.


During my master's I had our second child, Lana. Almost immediately after her birth I began my second awakening. At the time I was working with my friend Jenn Griffin in marketing/operations at her amazing company ElderB.  She led to me go to see someone she had met that gave her a complimentary Reiki session. I went and saw Shanna-- That day changed my life.  I had a life altering experience with angels and higher dimensions, which she also recounted to the tee, before I said a word. She sent me to Jill Kline, my now mentor and soul sister. Jill helped me learn the healing power of Reiki, and encouraged me to open my own business using my academic degrees and Reiki Master Teacher certification. During my mentorship with her and my attunements, I became aware of how we are ever connected to Source, our guides, and angels; how we all have the ability to heal ourselves; and to surround ourselves in love and light. I discovered that my true gifts of being an empath(all 6 of them), medium, and healer were meant to heal others mind-body-soul. I then opened a shared a practice with Jill, eventually expanding to include Dr. Justin Fortier. I focused my healing business on Reiki and Spiritual Counseling. I did not want to take the traditional path of Westernized healing and counseling, as it does not speak to me. They completely regulate how things are done and many times prohibit real healing, in my personal opinion. This does not mean to say I don't trust and have many close personal friends that are LCSW/LPC. But it is why I chose to not be a board controlled, licensed therapist.  Continually learning, I absorbed many teachings from other cultures/traditions (Dolores Cannon, Alberto Villoldo, Don Jose Ruiz, Brene Brown and Anthony William to name a few).


I was living my best life doing all of the above, trying to manage a career and being a mom... don't get me started on motherhood and how we need to heal as Momma's. Well, source had another life altering boom for me (a universal slapping I loving call them); I was to open my own practice with a list of women. Some I didn't even know and some just walked into my office! I took a major leap of faith, fully entrusting my life path and my guides/source, completely surrendering without fear. Within months I had hired, opened/created a holistic wellness business and found a location that was just perfect (that my husband and I refurbished by hand!) . The women that work for and with me- they are powerhouses. We definitely agreed on a higher level that we are supposed to be here together- healing.


I can fully tell you that when you come to Beyond the Veil, you were meant to be here.

Embrace yourself and surrender to becoming the highest self you can be.


Texas Woman's University - Medical Sociology M.A., PhD(ABD)

PESI- Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Transformation Academy- Master Spiritual Life Coaching Certification

Stillpoint Reiki- Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher Certification

Gaia Healers- Bio-Well Bioscan Certified Practitioner

Vickie Gould- Expert Sound Healing Certified Practitioner (Sound Bowls, DNA/Organ & Solfeggio Tuning, Crystals)

Universal Life Church- Ordained Minister

Professional Associations

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

Southwestern Social Science Association

International Board of Biofeedback & Integrative Practitioners

International Association of Reiki Practitioners

Life Changing Energy Professionals

Flower Mound Women In Business

Energy Medicine Professional Association #AM6196

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