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Biofeedback Scan

Bio-Well: Illuminating the Human Energy Field

Experience a groundbreaking journey into understanding the intricacies of the human energy field through Bio-Well – a revolutionary technique that unveils the hidden dimensions of your well-being. Built upon the science of Electro-Photonic Imaging and Gas Discharge Visualization, Bio-Well provides an express assessment of your energetic state, offering profound insights into your physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and energetic realms.

The Kirlian Effect Unveiled:

Bio-Well taps into the Kirlian effect, capturing the subtle energy that surrounds and courses through us. This non-intrusive technique offers a visual representation of your bio-field, enabling practitioners to understand the energetic dynamics at play within you.


The Language of Energy:

Bio-Well scans offer an immediate, unfiltered glimpse into your body's current state. It's a language of energy that transcends words, shedding light on your body's functionality, harmony, and alignment. This invaluable tool delves into the relationship between body and mind, providing insights that pave the way to optimal health and well-being.

Holistic Insight with Precision:

Bio-Well Diagnostic scan transcends the boundaries of conventional medical assessments. By examining emotional pressure (stress), organ and chakra equilibrium, and the interplay between Yin and Yang, it unfurls a holistic narrative that underscores the interconnectedness of health and well-being. Our holistic practitioners interpret the Bio-Well scans, unraveling the energetic tapestry of your being. Rooted in concepts like Acupuncture points and Ayurveda, this technique holds 25 years of scientific and clinical research. The synergy between technology and holistic wisdom offers a comprehensive view of your health, allowing us to address imbalances on multiple levels.


Aiding the Healing Journey:

The combination of energy field analysis and alternative therapies is a potent catalyst for your healing journey. By bridging the gap between the physical and energetic aspects, we form a holistic map of your well-being. This holistic understanding guides us to support your body, mind, and spirit toward harmonious alignment.


Elevate Your Energetic Resonance:

Bio-Well is your portal to a deeper understanding of self. Through the lens of this cutting-edge technique, we can decode the symphony of your energies, unlocking insights that guide your journey to optimal health and vitality. Step into the realm of Bio-Well and embark on a transformative path toward a harmonious, vibrant existence.


A weak electrical current is applied to each of your 10 fingertips for less than a millisecond. A special camera captures the image of the an “electron cloud” composed of light energy photons that is given off as a result of this stimulus.


Each scan returns a wealth of meaningful information to provide you with a truly holistic view of the state of your wellbeing.

Services Received

- Bio-Field Scan

- Stress Level Evaluation

- Chakra Alignment Report

- Health and Energy Status

- Yin/Yang Balance of Body

- Personalized Meditation (MP4)

BioScan Practitioners


Erica Cox Leone PhD(c), RMT, CCTP

How it Works

Constructed on a synthesis of Kirlian photography, invented by Nikola Tesla, Bio-Well Diagnostic scan is perfect amalgamation of tradition meets modern. Based on 25 years of longitudinal, compiled data, Bio-Well scan uses the advanced of Gas Discharge Visualization technique to provide information on functional energy state or organs and systems in organisms. Bio-Well is used to understand the chakras, hormonal imbalances and to measure the energy shift before and after a full treatment programs. It primarily shows how your body is managing your energy in your organs and systems. Bio-Well scan allows for you to see energy imbalances and we guide you on how to regain your balance based on your results.  Bio-Well measures:

  • Level of Emotional Pressure (stress)

  • L/R symmetry

  • Organs Balance

  • Chakras Balance

  • Energy reserve

  • Health Status

  • Balance between Yin & Yang

Energy can neither be created or destroyed. It can only transmute from one form of energy into another. When we are stressed we draw on the bio-field converting energy into chemistry (energy into matter), in the form of stress hormones. We become less energetic and more material (like a rock). Therefore when a person is chronically stressed, either chemically (from their environment or diet), mentally or emotionally, or physically, over time their energy field becomes depleted.They essentially become more like matter and less energetic.

This technology takes into consideration the ‘whole’ person and Bio-Well is used for tapping in and analysing the energy fields around and within the individual. It compliments our treatments in understanding the bioresonance of the body, the alignment of the chakras (hormonal center).

Bio-Well diagnostic scan can:

  • Detect energy imbalances in the body much before the occurrence of the disease

  • Enables proactive measures to be taken for restoring health and preventing sickness.

  • Offers an in-depth insight into the impact your lifestyle has on your energy levels and in the case of an imbalance, there is immediate understanding on what needs to change.

  • Provides a perfect visual interpretation for understanding imbalances in the body.

  • It helps to track the body’s responses to physical and mental activities

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