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Heather Bickford

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HI! I'm Heather Bickford, the resident Massage and Craniosacral Therapist.

I have been in practice for 23 years. I believe physical touch is essential to promote self care and healing, along with a little laughter. My clients are more than my clients- they are my family. I am known for my passion in helping people identify and release pain in their body physically, spiritually and emotionally, and how these are all interconnected. My method incorporates physical touch with Reiki in a private, supportive and relaxing environment. My approach to massage is therapeutic in nature in that I search for the root cause of your pain, imbalance or dysfunction. I incorporates a mix of deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point therapy to improve your muscle structure and condition to increase flexibility and remove adhesions, fascial restrictions and general muscular tension.

My Story

I have always been a healer with my hands, running around giving out free massages at the age of 7. Growing up in Louisiana, I had a tumultuous childhood, that left me with deep wounds, and I left my house at an early age. These traumas have left me with experience and knowledge that connects me deeply with my clients.  


I was in a car accident in my late teens that gave me severe whiplash and back pain. I could not get past the pain and struggled on a daily basis. During my recovery, I was introduced to the healing art of massage, which I found to be the most effective therapy for my pain relief. It was then that I decided to take charge and learn to heal myself and bring this gift to others. Later on in my career, I was introduced to Reiki by my original Reiki Master, Angela Claybourn. She came to me and offered to teach me Reiki healing because she had been told by Spirit that I would heal many people with this gift. Since then, for over 15 years now, I have experienced this healing process with my clients, friends and family. I incorporate Reiki into my massage sessions to unblock and release pain and trauma held in the body. Many times, I release tension and pain in the body is caused not only by physiological restrictions but also by energy blockages in the chakra system for my clients.

I am a single mom to two beautiful daughters and son who complete my life. My kids teach and expand my compassion daily. I have learned to understand what it is like to live with special needs, and to be a mother of a young soul navigating that life. I live locally and love to going to local fairs and music venues with my family, friends and my boyfriend. I am very social and always on the lookout for new exciting experiences!

Education & Professional Associations

Texas State Massage License: MT047485

Michael Everson- Lymphatic Drainage Certification

Stillpoint Reiki- Intuitive Reiki Master

Upledger Institute (Ryan Halford)- Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner 

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