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With sincere, focused intent, we harness the universal energy to help us release limiting beliefs and old wounds so we may joyfully embark onto the next level of spiritual growth and healing.

Spiritual Counseling

Often we are on the edge of change and need assistance getting there. Beyond the Veil's version of counseling is completely non-traditional. If you have had counseling or therapy before, this is not it! A spiritual counsel session can enrich the mind, body, and spirit by finding balance, motivation, and passion. The ultimate goal is to shed yourself of what is holding you back to become your true higher self. We can work through regressive trauma, relationships, awakening symptoms, indoctrination, life goal setting, career changes, etc. together using coaching, intuition, and so much more. 

Awakening sessions can facilitate through all three awakenings in life. Whether you are just starting out on your journey, or a savant, we working together to build skills, give insight and clear through anything standing in way of vibrational elevation. 


60 minutes I $132


Couples spiritual counsel is also another offering. Intake sessions are Reiki, done individually, then counseling is done together the following sessions.

Intake I $200

60 minutes I $175

Client 4
Techniques Used

Energy Therapy

Social Psychology

Medical Sociology

Spiritual Healing & Reprocessing


Guided Imagery

Astral Hypnosis

Shamanic Breathwork


Intutive Coaching

Intuitive life coaching is a coaching approach that seeks to develop deep connections between body, mind, and spirit using emotional and spiritual healing methods.

An intuitive life coach combines intuition with various other life coaching methods to help clients break down and address barriers, and to move forward in all areas of life, including:

  • Relationships (Family & Love)

  • Self-Love and Self-Care

  • Finding Purpose and Meaning

  • Confidence


60 minutes I $132

Client 4
Techniques Used

Creative Exercises

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

Trauma based coping skills

Empathic Listening



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