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Meg Donaldson

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Hello! I'm Meg, BTV's Somatic and Root Cause Therapist.

I am passionate about helping clients get back to their roots and align to their soul's purpose. My work assists with releasing and letting go of limiting beliefs, and to uncover the memory and emotions that no longer serves the client. By doing such, it is a way of reparenting the unconscious mind. My therapy is all about helping clients recognize and release limiting beliefs that have held them back. By combining the wisdom of the body with therapeutic techniques, we empower individuals to transform their lives, find their authentic selves, and live in alignment with their true potential.

I specialize in somatic therapy as a powerful tool to help clients break free from the shackles of limiting beliefs. Somatic therapy is an innovative approach that recognizes the profound connection between the mind and body. It acknowledges that our bodies often hold onto the emotional and psychological wounds of the past, which manifest as limiting beliefs.

Together with my clients, I guide them much like a GPS through a transformative journey of self-discovery. We delve into the body's wisdom to identify where these limiting beliefs are stored as physical sensations or tension. By mindfully exploring these sensations, we can pinpoint the root causes of these beliefs. Once we've uncovered these deep-seated beliefs, we work collaboratively to release and reframe them. Somatic therapy provides a safe and supportive space for clients to process and heal their past traumas and negative thought patterns, replacing them with empowering beliefs. 


This holistic approach not only addresses the cognitive aspects of limiting beliefs but also the physical manifestations of these beliefs in the body. By doing so, clients experience profound shifts in their self-perception, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life.

My Story

To be honest, most of my younger years were a blur and I don’t recall many of my earlier memories. Large portions of life were blocked out as a way to cope with the heaviness that life can bring. But I distinctly remember how easy it was for me to blend in with my personality. Back then, I thought this was a wonderful trait to have in my toolbelt…I could walk into any room and mirror/merge with the person that I was talking to. This, inturn, made me likable but didn’t serve me well in building my own self-concept. My younger self didn’t quite realize that being a chameleon helps no one and it definitely harmed me in bigger ways than I could realize at the time. 

I grew up with a strict religious background. Being a curious person lends itself to lots of questioning. Of course, in the religious spaces that I was in, this was seen more as rebelling than questioning. I remember wondering why boys/men could do XYZ but girls/women had different standards. It simply was unfair that my brother could walk around shirtless as a child but I could not. Little did I know, these seemingly blatant injustices I saw as a small child would point to an overarching storyline of finding myself fighting against gender injustices long before I ever knew the definition of the term. I always knew deep down I was never meant to conform or fit any mold society threw at me but there seemed to be this bigger pull of people pleasing that would come over me. My deepest knowing and my actions were incongruent and it left me believing that people pleasing was just in my blood-I was stuck this way. 

Young and in love, I married my husband, Zechariah, in 2010. It’s fun to look back on our marriage and see how much we’ve evolved over the years. Marriage can be a tricky thing when people change and grow exponentially. Will you change for the better? Will you grow in certain ways that compliment and resonate with one another? Thankfully, for us, our evolution together has birthed greater levels of longing, connection, patience, and grace. As much as it sounds too good to be true, I never realized marriage could be this good. My heart has been awakened-in a deep yearning kind of way-by a warrior that cheers for me and shows up to the arena with his armor ready to continually do the hard work marriage takes. To love me in all the ways needed, and lay flowers at my feet. Through our relationship I’m here to say that communication is the sexiest thing I can think of! I truly believe that he is the one my soul sets out to find in every lifetime.

We have two children, Daniel and Lyla. These kids are full of love, light, and joy in their own quirky and talented ways. My favorite part of parenting is our ability to openly (and lovingly) engage in any conversation. One of our main goals as a family is creating a safe space to discuss any topic without judgment. It’s not always easy but our efforts have really paid off.  In 2014 my daughter, Lyla, was born. She was a tiny premature baby and we spent the first year of her life battling sickness. I decided to stay home with her and was determined to see her healthy and thriving. Through this process of getting her well, I struggled with the answers I was given, in regards to her health, that didn’t seem to be working. These years shifted my perspective immensely. Since the traditional answers and solutions to her problems weren’t working, I started looking for other options elsewhere. This is when a whole new world opened up to me. Let’s just say, this is when the word ‘alternative’ came into my life. I was learning so much! Our family became more mindful of the foods and things we put in/on our bodies and we started to see the results.  It’s hard being a mom with a vulnerable baby and to add icing on the cake I was going through my own soul-searching and self discovery at the time. Around 2018 I could sense that I was losing myself in motherhood and had a desire to go back to work part-time. I had an “in” at a highly sought-after interior design firm and I jumped at the opportunity to help when and where I could. I quickly fell in love with home aesthetics. I eventually opened my own home accessory shop and went into business with some talented Designers. It all happened so fast…we found ourselves with this company that was in demand and was growing rapidly. Because of the rapid growth and high demand it all seemed like too much too fast. And here I was, again, asking myself “is this what I really want in life?” We’ve been able to learn and grow from simply being willing to have such deep conversations-especially the taboo ones. What I didn’t expect in all of this was how becoming a parent allowed me to become a cycle breaker. So much of our own trauma stems from generations before us that repeat themselves like clock work. Through my own healing journey, I’ve allowed myself to choose a different upbringing for my children. This is honestly my proudest work to date. 

I spent 10 years in the medical field helping patients that were in need. I loved it, but also had this sense that the kind of healing and care I was providing in the traditional medical system was not the kind of help I wanted to give to the world. I guess you could say this was when I began my search to try and figure out what exactly was the help I wanted to offer? Success is great, but soul work is greater.

It’s now 2019 and I had become determined to listen to my heart, and this calling I felt to help others. I was yearning for depth in my work that could only happen on a soul level. Since I was already immersed in alternative ways of living and healing, it lends itself to my first Reiki session. I didn't know a single person who was into this stuff and my religious background didn’t help. I made an appointment with a woman who lived an hour away and what happened next was something that can only be referred to as profound.  I decided to continue these sessions as often as my schedule allowed me and through these experiences I began to open up to the fact that I wanted to help others in the way that I was being helped. I felt amazing and had such an intense desire to help as many people as I could to feel this wonderful. I got certified in Reiki 1 and 2 with this Reiki master only to find out that she was moving out of state. She was the only person who existed in my life who even knew what Reiki was and I didn’t know what I would do without her and the connections we created.

A lesson I’ve learned is that life unfolds exactly as it should. My Reiki master moving was a divine setup that led me to where I am today. Because I needed to find another person who knew and practiced Reiki/alternative healing, it led me to Erica Cox Leone. She was two hours away but I gladly made the drive. Working with Erica allowed me to do a deep dive into my own healing-I was doing the hard work and was noticing the results of healing and growth. From this place of health, and after all the years of trying to pin down my truest life’s work, I just knew that I wanted to transition into the work that I was experiencing and that was changing my life. But I was scared. I knew I had intuitive giftings and I knew that I was made to do more than the status quo and people-pleasing I had grown so accustomed to but I had this limiting belief that I didn’t quite meet these (made up) criteria to do the work. 

It was around this time that I found Root Cause Therapy. I can’t explain it but I knew this was “it”. This sort of therapy was a catalyst for overcoming my limiting beliefs, people pleasing ways, and religious trauma that had built up over my lifetime. Because of the experienced power in Root Cause Therapy, I knew that this was the work that I wanted to offer to the world. I wanted to hold space for clients to come back to their roots and nourish their souls- to empower others to uncover the conditionings and learned behaviors we are hiding behind and truly see the power we have that lies at the root. It was a resounding “YES!”. I got to work, immersing myself in training, and loving every minute of it.

I spent my entire life lost to my true identity. I can now see that even as a little girl I was looking for what would truly set my soul on fire but battling the fear of what others would think of me. Not living in alignment with who we truly are can cause so much destruction and angst. My journey has been one of facing all my learned behaviors, negative self-worth, and learning how to trust my inner compass. I’m getting back to the younger version of myself who knew that I was never made to fit in any mold. I knew from my own story, I’m highly aware of lost souls looking for their own beacon of light in the dark. I know all too well when we’re broke, tired, and fearful the light inside eludes us. This is why my work is so important to me. We all deserve to rekindle our power, and reign it back. 


Today, I keep my feet grounded as often as I can. Literally. My family has our own little homestead where we grow and raise as much of our food as possible. Cultivating the connection to the land and animals is important to us. So, bare feet, in the garden, and music playing is where you can find me most of the growing season. While we aren’t completely self-sustaining (I’m thankful we have a grocery store nearby!) we’re working on it. I like gifting the ones I love with fresh eggs, jars of jam, and fresh grown flowers. It’s my love language for sure. 

I’ll leave you with this…life is so much more peaceful and fulfilling these days. The path of self-discovery and healing is not for the faint of heart but I’m grateful for the resources that have led me to where I am today. The struggles I’ve faced over the years in coming to know my truest self revealed to me the path of rebirth. Where we gently face the things that have pained us and the ego’s desire to separate us from ourselves/others. Where we uncover a different way of being in the world. A way that allows us to come back to ourselves and see ancient wisdom deep within us that’s been there all along . I am a wife, mother, healer, woman, and I’m proud of the work that I’m doing and I know there is still much to accomplish.

Education & Professional Associations

Beyond the Veil- Intuitive Reiki, 1st Degree

IARP- Holy Fire Reiki, 3rd Degree 

The Centre for Healing- Root Cause Therapist Certification

The Embody Lab- Integrative Somatic Therapy Level II Certification

Energy Medicine Professional Association #AM7764

Universal Life Church- Ordained Minister

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