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Megan Collingwood


Hello! I'm Megan, a Reiki Therapist here at BTV.

I know it is part of my life's work to guide individuals with passion by sharing a heartfelt enthusiasm for educating and guiding individuals in embracing the holistic wisdom of Reiki and crystals for profound healing.  Specifically in my Reiki I lead individuals through harmonizing their energy to restore harmony within physical and energetic aspects, alleviate trauma and promote a sense of inner peace. We all navigate life's challenges differently, often unknowingly storing emotions and traumas. Whether it's a significant struggle as a veteran transitioning trauma into civilian life, or simply feeling burdened by energies not originally ours, I am here to provide support and hold space through Reiki, assisting in identifying and clearing energy blockages, ultimately allowing you to embrace and embody the very best version of yourself.  

I guide clients toward:


Facilitating Reconnection with the Higher Self

Supporting individuals in rediscovering and connecting with their higher selves as a pathway to healing from deep trauma, fostering personal growth and emotional relief. Guiding individuals in identifying and clearing energy blockages associated with trauma for a smoother, balanced energy circulation, alleviating anxiety and enhancing mental well-being. Incorporating Reiki as a complementary practice to conventional medical approaches, enhancing the overall healing process and addressing trauma from a comprehensive standpoint.

Transforming Military-Related Trauma into Wholeness and Empowerment

In guiding veterans towards holistic healing, I leverage my understanding of the potential trauma associated with military experiences. I empower veterans and their families to navigate the intricate landscape of military-related challenges, fostering healing from emotional wounds, self-doubt, and issues tied to self-worth.

Embracing Intuitive Healing while Fostering Tranquility, Inner Strength, and Anxiety Relief

Applying transformative reiki principles to gently address deep-seated trauma, fostering inner lightness and overall well-being. Cultivating warm outcomes, including amplified healing, increased inner strength, and a deep sense of tranquility and peace through a focused approach on trauma relief and anxiety reduction.

Nurturing Balance with Crystals

Integrating crystals strategically to create a warm healing space, optimizing interactions, and amplifying overall healing experiences, contributing to a lighter and more tranquil state.

My Story

I have always know I was a little different. I recall even as a child entering a room and immediately feeling the energy around me. I was so strongly connected with energy that I could feel the worry, anger and sometimes pain of others. As a child that was a lot to take on and I couldn’t at that age comprehend what that meant. I began to have a lot of self doubt and self worth issues, because young me was interpreting these feelings and energies as to how others felt about me specifically. I began to rebel and was a bit of a wild child throughout my high school years. Drawing from these experiences, I integrate empathic awareness into my Reiki sessions, empowering clients to navigate and heal from self-doubt and challenges related to self-worth.


Following high school, I relocated to Massachusetts, pursuing criminal justice studies, and worked as a correctional officer for the Sheriffs Department. Seeking a new adventure, I enlisted in the United States Air Force as a munitions systems specialist, involved in bomb construction, missile testing, and reprogramming, later advancing to become a Munitions Inspector. Over the next decade, I explored various parts of the world, spending approximately 6.5 years living in different locations. In Guam I met my soulmate, and in 2010, we married, welcoming our son and feeling the completeness of our little family in Pisa, Italy. Determined to expand our family, we embarked on the journey of trying for a second child, yet fate had different plans for us during that period. Month after month, I'd get my hopes up only to see a negative test result. It was tough on me emotionally, and those ups and downs were a real challenge.

So when I found out I was being deployed to Afghanistan, as much as I was going to miss my boys I welcomed the break of responsibility for everyone but myself. Those next few months would change my life dramatically. I learned a lot about myself and just how strong I truly was. You grow up thinking you’re invincible in a way. I had done a lot of not so smart things, and I’m still here right? I remember feeling like I had my whole life ahead of me. But when you’re removed from your life and everything you know and integrated into a unit where you don’t know anyone, you find yourself feeling very alone. Especially when you are the only woman. Not only was I dealing with constant attacks of the base with mortars, rockets and small arms. But I also found myself being stalked and treated like prey. It’s a pretty unsettling feeling. And I remember at one point being more afraid of a fellow military member than the fact I was living in a combat zone. Needless to say, I was very different when I came home. Discovering profound strength amidst the challenges of deployment, I bring the transformative power of acknowledging vulnerability, fostering connection, and rebuilding resilience to my clients seeking healing from the emotional toll of adversity, especially PTSD.

Back with my boys, my whole world, I resolved to prioritize family upon my return. Missing my son's third birthday during deployment left me feeling distant from them, triggering a cycle of anxiety and self-esteem struggles. So I laced up my boots for the last time and then entered the civilian sector, working for a government contractor. Just as life seemed to settle, I discovered I was pregnant with my long-awaited daughter! However, complications arose, landing me in the ICU at 35 weeks. After a week of uncertainty, I emerged stronger, and five weeks later, my daughter arrived, healthy against the odds. My doctor said they weren’t sure if I was going to make it and the fact that my daughter went so long without oxygen and is alive and 100% healthy is a miracle. She's truly a miracle baby, a testament to our resilience as fighters. With her, our family of four felt complete. Juggling office work with family life, I discovered desk jobs weren't for me, so I pursued real estate. Starting on a team, I now run my own real estate team, Collingwood Properties In navigating motherhood trauma, I've learned that healing involves acknowledging its profound impact on being Mom while having a personal identity, and family dynamics. I also deeply understand and assist fellow veterans adapt to a different pace while reintegrating into civilian society.

In 2020, I faced a severe health setback with an autoimmune response affecting my entire body. Despite consulting various doctors and specialists, no one could offer a solution. This challenging period marked a significant point in my spiritual awakening, as unexplainable events unfolded amidst my illness. Initially keeping these experiences to myself due to societal norms, I eventually realized it was time to take control of my health and listen to the guidance from my spirits and guides, even if the unconventional nature might raise a few eyebrows. This is when I began exploring a holistic approach to medicine. Becoming a client at Beyond the Veil with Erica, I felt an immediate connection. During a Reiki session, she pinpointed a spot that had been a source of pain since my daughter's birth, a connection I hadn't made until then. As visions and memories surfaced at home, in my next session Erica astoundingly described the exact details of a deeply buried memory, one that had eluded my recollection for 30 years. Little did I realize, this event had cast a profound shadow over my entire life, influencing how I perceived myself and others, eroding my trust in people and my sense of self-worth. Upon acknowledging, healing, and releasing these deeply ingrained memories and emotions, my true healing journey began. I bring this sense of relief of deep childhood trauma and somatic symptoms, as well as self-worth empowerment into each of my clients, allowing for them embrace and embody the very best version of yourself. 

Education & Professional Associations

Beyond the Veil- Intuitive Reiki, Reiki Master

Beth Ann Kennedy (Pink Heart Healing)- Certified Crystal Healing Professional

United States Air Force- Munitions Systems Technology  (Specialist & Inspector)

Energy Medicine Professional Association #AM7764

Universal Life Church- Ordained Minister

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