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Somatic & Root Cause Therapy.

Our bodies contain histories- every chapter, line and verse of every event and relationship in our lives. ~Caroline Myss

Somatic & Root Cause Therapy

Nurturing Transformation from Within. Root Cause Therapy is a holistic approach utilized by spiritual healers and practitioners to uncover the underlying causes of issues that may hinder personal growth and self-discovery. This alternative medicine method encompasses various techniques, including somatic therapy, guided imagery, inner child healing, regression, future progression, NLP, and timeline therapy. These modalities are integrated into a comprehensive framework, aiming to address all levels of consciousness—emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual—for sustainable health and transformation. The foundation of Root Cause Therapy rests on the belief that many challenges we face, such as anxiety, depression, negative self-talk, triggers, and overwhelming emotions, originate from unresolved emotional issues from the past or worrisome projections into the future.

This therapy can be particularly valuable as a form of healing for individuals seeking to heal trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It also helps those who wish to break free from recurring patterns, including inherited patterns that may have been passed down through generations. Additionally, Root Cause Therapy is beneficial for individuals who are interested in overcoming blocks to success and enhancing productivity.

The essence of Root Cause Therapy lies in going beyond merely discussing the issues and delving deep into their core. By addressing the root causes of presenting symptoms, this therapy aims to release old thoughts, patterns, and beliefs about oneself or the world. Through this process of root healing, individuals can transform their perspectives, resolve deep-seated issues, and create lasting change. By engaging in Root Cause Therapy, you have the opportunity to heal at a profound level, liberating yourself from the limitations that have hindered your growth. This therapy enables you to explore the depths of your being, releasing outdated beliefs and patterns, and ultimately fostering personal and spiritual transformation.

Here's a video on how Root Cause Therapy works:

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Techniques Used

Somatic Therapy I Timeline Healing I Root Cause Therapy I Spiritual Healing & Reprocessing I Meditation I Breathwork

Somatic & RCT Practitioner

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Megan Donaldson, RCT

We are not board licensed medical doctors, psychologists, counselors or social workers. We are considered non-traditional, alternative practitioners or therapists of other methods..

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