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February Newsletter


Integrative Health & Medicine at BTV

Grounded in the principles of integrative health, functional medicine, bioregulatory, and traditional naturopathy, our goal is to share the real essence of health with people around the world and show them how to make it a natural part of their daily lives.

Taking control of your health boils down to such a simple equation: 

  • Remove Toxicities 

  • Replace Deficiencies

Using Integrative Health & Medicine, we will take you through exactly how to: 

  • Finally get well 

  • Reverse the aging process 

  • Lose weight 

  • Rebalance your hormones 

  • Reduce inflammation 

  • Rebalance your thyroid 

  • Rebalance your gut 

  • Experience energy & zest for life


Integrative Health & Medicine Practitioner

Hi I'm Julie Dirks! I'm passionate about helping everyone, no matter their health struggles, discover a path to improvement by understanding the root causes of their health issues. Having studied personally with Dr. Steven Cabral, I am here to partner with you to become the best versions of YOU, wherever you are in your journey.



Reiki with Megan Collingwood

I heard you! I searched long and hard for Megan, and then she was dropped in our laps. Having personally attuned and shadowed Megan, I am excited for you to experience her awesomeness. -Erica Leone

I'm Megan Collingwood (not to be confused with Meg Donaldson!). I am here to provide support and hold space through Reiki, assisting in identifying and clearing energy blockages, ultimately allowing you to embrace and embody the very best version of yourself.

 I guide clients toward: 

  • Reconnection with the Higher Self

  • Transforming Military-Related Trauma into Wholeness and Empowerment

  • Nurturing Balance with Crystals

  • Embracing Healing while Fostering Tranquility, Inner Strength, and Anxiety Relief


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Other News

Wendy Griffin, our astrology and all things crystals expert, will be on maternity leave for a few months after March. Please feel free to drop by any blessing to her, Bear and baby Rowan by March 6th.

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