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Golden Light Ratio Journey

Step into your light beginning in August 2023.

Join us on a 6 month intimate journey with

Erica Cox Leone

Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher,  Spiritual Counselor

& Clinical Trauma Professional 

Inspired & directed by a recent channeling, I am offering a 6 month journey into the Golden Shadow begining in August. If this calls you, you are invited to immerse and enter the first quadrant of a new consciousness. 


☀️ So what is the Golden Shadow? ☀️

Psychiatrist Carl Jung called our submerged creative potential the "Golden Shadow." 

The Golden Shadow is your submerged greatness

The Golden Shadow hides your undiscovered gifts.

Your gifts wait for you to heal your emotional wounds. The golden shadow represents courage, hidden talents, repressed passion and creativity we have stifled. It’s the unfulfilled potential that we fail to see/develop because of fear and a lack of risk-taking.

I am offering this 6 month container to only 8 people.

During your time in the container you will:

  • Discover how to tap into your Golden Shadow through resilience, imagination and spirituality.

  • Work very closely with Erica in safe, small groups as she guides you into the channeled mysteries and duality of the Golden Shadow 

  • Attune your vibrational frequency to resonate with the universe using ancient techniques such as Cacao, Meditation, Astral Projection, Sound Bowls, Yoga, Breathwork, Channeling and more. 

  • Explore the fascinating intersection between the field of quantum physics and the realm of medicine, health, and healing

  • Discover the innate wisdom, intelligence, and sentience of your cells

  • Access thematic framework, explore your hidden talents, repressed passion and stifled creativity.

  • How to use archetypes, myths, legends and symbols as portals into the Shadow; helping you become deeply aware of who you truly are and discover your gifts

Journey Details

Divine Connection

24 channeled messages to each person (weekly support) from me and your higher guides; whatever the divine gives you to collect your Golden Shadow. 

Deep Reflections

Journaling prompts on Better for group and individual.

Sacred Growth

Collectively meeting 2x a month via online and/or in person.

Continual Support

Group Chat via Better with all 9 of us to be on the journey together for support to streamline thoughts.

Golden Light Ratio Journey

Golden Light Ratio Journey

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This is a 6 month investment into yourself for eternal growth.

Since we are holding space for an intimate group, registration will be closed by 7/15. 


Pay in full for a discounted rate of $2300


AutoPay in 5 installments of $500

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