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Grief &

We're all just walking each other home ~ Ram Daas

Grief Counseling & End-of-Life Support

Thinking about death can be frightening and overwhelming. There are many details to consider, decisions to make, and emotions involved. It seems easier to just think about it later. Unfortunately, death can come quickly and unexpectedly, and lack of preparedness results in a loss of power and autonomy that can prevent a comfortable and peaceful experience. Having someone with experience and compassion to counsel and guide you can make the end far less scary. We offer the following services:

  1. Complimentary 15 minute Consultation: Laura Mitchell, our End of life Occupational Therapist/DeathLaura will speak with you about what you are experiencing and how she can help. This is a no obligation discussion to determine if this service is the right fit for you.

  2. Planning: Discussions about advanced directives, options for care, planning for celebrations before and/or after the end of life, options for burial or cremation. We can discuss the financial and legal things that need to be done to ensure everything is covered at the passing, and offer recommendations for services. We can also plan out eulogies, legacy projects, and other communications.

  3. Comfort and Engagement: Laura can provide unique services to ensure your loved one is comfortable and can continue to participate in the things that are important to them. Modifying favorite activities such as cooking, playing games or gardening; positioning and sensory stimulation for comfort and engagement; modification of the environment to allow for participation with loved ones; consultation on equipment to allow for basic daily care with dignity; cranial sacral therapy, reiki, and breathing techniques for comfort and pain management.

  4. Grief Coaching and Support: Laura can help loved ones find ways to work through difficult feelings in a healthy way so they can be present for themselves and the person who is dying. This can look like honoring grief, assistance with having difficult conversations and learning skills and techniques for navigating complicated relationships, and maintaining a meaningful self care routine.


All services can be offered in office, at a location of your choosing (within a 50 mile radius), or virtually.

Grief & End of Life Support Packages:

$85 per hour

$245 for 3 hours

$400 for 5 hours

Techniques Used
Client 4

Medical Reiki Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy 

Traditional Occupational Therapy

Sensory Diets

Environmental Modification

Task Modification/Adaptive Equipment

Injury/Ailment Specific Exercise

Feeding Therapy

Contracture Management/Positioning

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