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About Erica.

We take honor in what we offer in our partnership to you. All of our practitioners at Beyond the Veil are professionally insured and certified. Our Reiki master training was mentored under the Dr. Mikao Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage (Japan).

Erica Perez ART, RMT

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Erica Perez is a certified Animal Reiki Master and Reiki therapist. She shines in supporting others in finding their innate ability to find that which gives them joy and make healthy choices for themselves. Erica specializes in shadow work and energy healing of animals. Erica partners with her clients by freeing them from their own shadows by shifting behavior, spirit, attitude and emotional well-being within themselves. Throughout her experiences in life, Erica has found that positivity, seeking the light, and consistently choosing love has led her to become her highest self. She is devoted to helping people find their true selves in a non-shaming, supportive environment.

Education & Professional Associations:

All Life University (Joan Ranquet)- Animal Communication Certification

Reiki Institute- Animal Reiki, 3rd Degree

Stillpoint Reiki- Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher Certification

Energy Medicine Professional Association  #AM7441


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Reiki Lineage

I. Dr. Mikao Usui, Japan
II. Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Japan
III. Hawayo Takata, Hawaii
IV. Iris Shikuro/Virgina Samdahl
V. Arthur Robinson
VI. Jim Davis
VII. Gavin Rowley
VIII. Linda Ball
IX. Bobbie Perkins
X. Marveena Wells Meek
XI. Carla Mae
XII.  Jill Kline
XIII. Erica Cox Leone

XIV.  Erica Perez