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About Amber.

We take honor in what we offer in our partnership to you. All of our practitioners at Beyond the Veil are professionally insured and certified. Our Reiki master training was mentored under the Dr. Mikao Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage (Japan).

Amber Perez, RTT

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Hello! I am Amber Perez, BTV's intuitive coach and trauma-informed therapist

Being brought up in systems that oppressed and damaged my inner child, I have found that my journey of knowing and healing the separation within myself has helped me gain expertise. It is so important to know who you truly are and how to love yourself fully.  I specialize in rapid transitions in accelerating growth, releasing traumas subconsciously, past life regression, and finding divine feminism.  I use rapid therapy, hypnotherapy and higher self healing techniques to help guide others through old programming that no longer serves them to help create a life of love. I enjoy leading my clients through their past and present lives, providing a safe space for the client to guide through, no matter the journey.

Outside of work, I am a single mom and sonographer at several medical practices. I am interested in tying medical issues with metaphysical issues- It's all mind-body-soul! I love spending time with my family and exercising in nature. One of my beliefs is being open to what my guides throw at me, knowing that they always have my back.

Education & Professional Associations:

More Than Enough Limited (Marissa Peer)- Rapid Transformational Therapist #762553

Beyond the Veil - Reiki, 2nd Degree

Universal Life Church Ministries- Minister Ordination

Energy Medicine Professional Association #AM7463


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