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Reiki Therapy

Become Your Highest Self

Reveal. Release. resolve. Heal. 

Finding the Root Cause. A Sacred Space.
We are here to heal.

At Beyond the Veil, we treat the whole person, exploring and collaborating with you to improve their mental health, physical health, or find connections. We see you as a whole being, an intricate tapestry of mind, body, and spirit. We provide a unique experience that allows you to heal at your own pace, healing in their own way, & find the abilities within. During our sessions, we strive to help you discover your inner purpose on a deeper level while cultivating self-awareness, clearing traumas and perhaps finding gifts you didn’t even realize you possessed.



Therapists Who Care.

We have a vested interest in your healing.

We proudly serve as your dedicated partners and unwavering advocates on your journey toward improved mental health, physical well-being, and soulful connections. Our collaborative role embraces your voice, values your goals, and nurtures holistic healing encompassing mind, body, and soul. Compassionate communication, personalized care, and empowerment define our approach. Through education, we equip you with tools to navigate confidently, fostering self-awareness that fuels transformative growth across all dimensions. With unwavering dedication, we stand by you to nurture your complete well-being, guiding you with insights, empathy, and a shared commitment to your healing and growth on every level of your existence.


Trust the Process

Navigating uncertainty about where to begin? We recognize the complexity of this journey. Our mission is to guide you through a transformative healing process that begins at its core, offering a haven of safety and sanctity. Built upon these pillars, we aspire to create an environment where your healing journey flourishes on all dimensions, setting you on a trajectory of profound growth and well-being. We believe a healing home should be:






Culturally Sensitive




Root Cause

In Person or Virtual

Whether you prefer in person or virtual sessions, our team of experienced practitioners is here to help. Conveniently located in Flower Mound, Texas, our office provides a serene and peaceful environment for your healing journey. Can’t make it into the office? No worries – We see clients internationally and we've got you covered with televisits.

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