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A Non-Traditional Approach to


Energy healing is like a doctor's appointment for the mind-body-soul.

Finding the Root Cause.
A Sacred Space.

We are here to heal.

At Beyond the Veil, we treat the whole person, exploring and collaborating with you to improve their mental health or find connections. We provide a unique experience that allows you to heal at your own pace, healing in their own way, & find the abilities within. During our sessions, we strive to help you discover your inner purpose on a deeper level while cultivating self-awareness, clearing traumas and perhaps finding gifts you didn’t even realize you possessed. 

Therapists who care.
We have a vested interest in your healing.

Our therapists are honored to be your partner and advocate. Our role as a mental health partner is to help engage you by collaborating with you to improve their mental health or find connections. We provide prompt and courteous communication and emphasize education as we collaborate with you on your healing journey. Our goal is to deliver outstanding care and address your questions and concerns at each visit. 

Trust the Process.

Confused on where to start? We get it. Our mission is to help you heal from the ground up. 

We believe a healing home should be:

  • Autonomous

  • Comprehensive

  • Knowledgeable

  • Compassionate

  • Culturally Sensitive

How It Works

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Begin Healing

Providing you with a safe, sacred space to heal.

All your appointments will take place in our soothing office environment in a fully private room, complimentary tea and water, and individualized care.

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The office is conveniently located in Flower Mound. Can’t make it into the office? No worries – we've got you covered with televisits.


Begin Your Journey Today

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